The general conditions of sale are available to every client which implies acceptance.

All products we offer meet EU standards

All products we offer meet the health standards of the EU and are subjected to stringent quality controls.


2. order records

The order can only be effective once the buyer has made the payment after transfer or credit card. If the refund paid at the time of delivery.

For any changes in order ultramarinosalonso@hotmail.com contact or phone (+34) 954 388 806



Prices are indicated on the screen with VAT included. Always expressed in euro.

The price of transport not included.



All products sold by Alonso Grocery and this who is responsible for the defects of the products sold are guaranteed. The customer is bound by the specific conditions of the guarantees of the manufacturers of the products are sold by Grocery Alonso. The warranty is always considered as the product is consumed as determined by the manufacturers. Overseas Alonso is not required to compensate users for the consequences of misuse of the product.


5. JURISDICTIONAL ASPECTS OF ORDERS Grocery Alonso picks up and follows the "Directive of the European Parliament" on jurisdictional aspects of electronic commerce in the internal market, which highlights the most important points:

* Prior to the acceptance of purchase. The seller of services / products is required to clearly specify the conditions in which they will perform the service or product sale (price, taxes, delivery, shipping cost).



* Acceptance of purchase. Acceptance of the purchase by the buyer to put cliclear mouse and the icon that represents the service / product under contract of sale occurs. The buyer will receive an email confirmation of the purchase and the seller, a confirmation email with the order details.

* Completion of the purchase. The purchase is considered done when the buyer of the service / product receives an email from the seller in which receipt of the request / acceptance buyer is accused. It is understood that in this e-mail all information relating to your purchase must appear: product / service purchased, prices, taxes, shipping, Buyer information, shipping information, payment method chosen, so that the buyer can verify that all details are correct.

* Obligations of the parties. Produces electronic trading obligations between the parties when they have used electronic means to cast their declaration of intent, in this case would be through email. * Applicable legislation. The legislation is to apply in civil and commercial, as if he had concluded the contract or purchase with the assistance of the parties.

Following the "Directive of the European Parliament" Grocery Alonso will send: e-mail order confirmation. In which all information relating to the purchase are collected and made him receive after ordering.

Legal disputes. Any claim or dispute will be treated with the utmost seriousness on the basis that both parties act in good faith.

In case of dispute, the customer should contact the seller in writing ULTRAMARINOSALONSO@HOTMAIL.COM or phone: 954 388 806 to try to reach agreement amicably. If this does not reach an agreement, they shall be the courts of Seville.

6. Customer Service In our Customer Service ventas@ultramarinosalonso.com or on the phone 954 388 806 can manage returns and replacements, seek clarification, request additional information, proposed new products and / or suggestions .